Welcome to your safe haven

Providing hope and support through grief, anxiety, depression, and relationship distress.


Are you tired of feeling anxious, depressed, lonely, or angry?

Do you wish you could feel valued, seen, and heard in your relationships? These feelings are common for so many people nowadays in our high-stress society. If you would like to begin doing life differently, but feel you just can’t do it alone, counselling may be right for you. Whether you just want to feel better about yourself, learn ways to cope with a life transition, or restore intimacy and trust to a broken-down relationship, talking in a safe and non-judgemental environment can be life changing.
Together we will work through the way you are feeling, your perceptions about who you are, and your hopes for change and growth. This will be a collaborative journey of exploration and healing, in which you are the expert on your own life. So, are you ready to begin again?