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Providing hope and support through the grief of divorce.


Are you going through a painful separation or divorce?

Divorce has been named one of the most challenging and painful life events we can experience. Not only do we lose a life partner, we also lose many of our hopes and dreams. Add to that the complexities of moving home, reassessing finances, and coping with child custody agreements, and it can feel like we have lost everything we once held close. The kind of grief we experience in this season is not only debilitating at times, it is also frightening and soul destroying.

But there is hope. Navigating this journey well, and allowing yourself to grieve, will allow you to ultimately feel empowered and equipped for a new life, one in which you may accomplish things you never dreamed of before.

At Safe Haven Counselling my goal is for you to find hope again, and to feel supported through the most difficult experience of your life. Complicated grief is not easy to navigate, so allow me to give you the tools to help you through and to eventually heal.

Will you take that first step?